Alex (missastro) wrote in wolvesofkromer,

Moving GIF

Ha, I am so bored. This should be a moving photo.... I don't know, it's not working on my little preview thingy. If not working, it works here.

I'll make more that are icon-sized, they just take for-freaking-ever the way I make them. So wish me luck. Perhaps will do it if bored enough.

Oh god the looping is horrid. Oh well.

Edit: Now put behind cut so that you don't all go insane.

Another edit: I made another of the dancing scene (goes up to just where Gabs comes in, as once they start dancing it gets very choppy because Windows Media crashes on my every five seconds, therefore any continuity is impossible.) and will get it up here as soon as possible, as in, as soon as I can find an image hosting service that will host something that big (it is about 150 frames, compared to the one below, which is about 15).

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