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Wolves of Kromer Fans
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I n t r o :

The Wolves of Kromer proves that films on a budget don't have to be trash. They can connect with the audience and take them through the viewing experience just the same. More power to the film is the fact that it's a homosexual allegory with substance, packed with subtle, British humour and double-entendres galore. It combines the modern with the fantastical.

So, this community is obviously for fans of the movie or those who would like to discuss and/or get to know more about it. Our goal is to provide a relaxed environment to appreciate WoK and related things. Post pictures; relive your favourite parts; explain why you like the film; discuss the actors/production crewe; post fanfiction; whatever Wolves-ness you want. Don't hesitate to join us!

G u i d e l i n e s :

- In the event that conflict should arise, you should remember that everyone's entitled to an opinion, and said opinion should be respected. Even if you don't agree, it's possible to express that without being rude. However, this community is not for anti-Wolves or Kromer talk or any form of lifestyle intolerance (homophobia, racism, etc). Take that elsewhere.

- For lengthy posts, large images, and possibly dodgy material, the LJ-cut is to be used. If you fail to do so when it's needed, I'll ask you nicely to impliment it. If you don't comply, the entry will be deleted. We want to be kind to friends lists, you see.

- Advertising and quizzes are allowed, but they should be kept to a minimum and on-topic. What's on-topic? The movie, obviously, but also other gay/lesbian films, as well as gay/lesbian lifestyles. While that's not necessarily the community's focal point, it is related.

E x t r a :

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- Wolves on B&N
- Wolves Fansite
- Muse: Lee Williams Fansite

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